Frequently Asked Questions

No. Unlike those sites, LevelRE is a full service, licensed real estate broker that has a significantly reduced commission structure. In exchange for the reduced commission, LevelRE utilizes technology to reduce costs and let's you purchase just the features and services you want.
Discount brokerages typically provide reduced commissions in exchange for less work on their part. In contrast, LevelRE has split apart the various elements associated with buying and selling a home so that you can pay for only the things you actually need. Additionally, we leverage advanced technology to further reduce costs and to provide better services.
Yes, LevelRE will list your property through the MLS so that it shows up on,,,, and others. Additionally, you can optionally have us list your property in the "local MLS" services and comparable International listing services for additional cost subject to availability.
Pricing your house involves a number of factors including location, condition, comparables, market bearance, as well as your personal needs and current situation. LevelRE has access to a number of tools and resources to help pricing and can optionally provide you with a Certified Appraisal and other services where available.
We’ll coordinate open houses and showing your house with you, but you’ll actually show it. If you need us to do this for you we can; it is an option available in our a la carte marketplace.
LevelRE does not charge a fee and only charges 1% commission when your property sells. Additional services are optionally available through our a la carte marketplace. NOTE: All fees come with a 100% money-back guarantee if we don't sell your house.
There is no penalty if you decide to have another agent represent you and we will help you move the listing over to them. In fact, you can even continue to use our web services without charge for as long as you want.
In that case, you get to keep the 3% commission typically paid to the buyer's agent.
LevelRE makes it easy to offer incentives to both the buyer and to the buyer's agent. This makes your home more attractive and still saves you money over the conventional model.
In addition to its own listing for its customers, LevelRE was designed to be listing-source agnostic. It is capable of combining data from lots of sources including IDX, RETS, and 3rd party APIs in real-time. Additionally, the lead technologist for LevelRE is the former Chairman of the Silicon Valley-based non-profit International Data Portability Organization.

LevelRE facilitates the entire listing process online including digital document signing. Customers specify minimum required information, at which point a listing agreement is generated. Using LevelRE, a customer can complete a listing agreement and have access to a comprehensive sales portal in 5 minutes or less. Once the listing agreement is executed, LevelRE licensed agents and support staff review, verify, and update all information to maximize sales opportunity and maintain full regulatory compliance.

Once a listing is created, customers can tweak their listing in real-time, including offering promotions to buyers and buyer’s agents. Listing addendums are automatically created and a transaction log tracks all changes and enhancements.

LevelRE’s real-time communication and negotiation platform allows buyers, sellers, and agents to communicate directly and instantly with each other. Beyond simple email, each communication generates a transactional record for verification and auditing purposes, and to document the complete activity of all parties. Offers can be submitted and received in real-time, countered, accepted, and rejected. Additionally, the system supports a “minimum acceptable offer” and can automatically process all aspects of offers that do not meet the threshold. LevelRE’s licensed agents are available throughout the process.
LevelRE’s MAKE AN OFFER button allows users to easily submit offers on any property, not just LevelRE listings. These are processed instantly when the buyer and seller are both using the free LevelRE platform, or provided as standalone documents when one or more of the parties is not using LevelRE. Buyers can customize their offers directly, or have LevelRE’s licensed agents handle the whole process. Sellers too can respond instantly to offers and tap in to the experience and expertise of LevelRE’s licensed agents and professional support staff.
Inspections, appraisals, and other services are available through LevelRE’s preferred partner program. LevelRE fully coordinates all of these services for our customers all of which is managed through the technology platform.
LevelRE’s hours of operation are 9am-9pm, Monday through Friday, and 10am-7pm Saturday and Sunday. These are effective in each of the time zones, Eastern through Pacific. Communications via the LevelRE technology platform is processed 24/7.